Welcome to The SonLight Family Blog

Our goal with this blog stems out of a need for help for families in our church and in our community.  Most families in the United States are not traditional and people are staying single later in life.  But at SonLight when I say family I mean the entire church.  We are all part of a family, a church.

There are two objectives for this blog, one is empowering and encouraging the entire church family. Two, is to be a place for resources for adults, parents, teens, children.

John will be posting on Tuesdays geared towards parents and teens.  Kori will be posting on Thursdays geared towards parents and KidZone team members.  Occasionally there will be a guest post from another staff member at SonLight.

There is such a need for families that I can’t express in one quick post.  From the journal of cardiology (the study of the heart),

“The statistics are certainly eye-opening. Currently about half of marriages end in divorce. The number of children in a U.S. household has fallen from three in 1915 to two in 1999. About two thirds of married women are in the workforce. In the U.S., about one third of children are born out of wedlock, and there seems to be a diminishing role or absenteeism of the father in many homes.”

This is from 2001 and we are 13 more years down the road.  They make some excellent observations that I will be sharing in the next few weeks.  There is one that I would like to share today,

“The family is potentially the most important stabilizing force for good in society. A strong family, where children are taught appropriate social and moral virtues, will go a long way toward stabilizing our civilization.”

The Power of the Gospel found in Jesus Christ is what changes us, transforms us, makes the broken, useless, unneeded, and abused, a new creation, whole, useful, needed, and loved.

God has hope for people and specifically his hope comes through Jesus Christ and His family, the church.

Ps. 33:11 “The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
the plans of his heart to all generations.”

The gospel was true, is true and will be true.  May this blog be a source of encouragement and a resource.  Comment and we will respond as soon as possible.

John and Kori


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