Journaling for kids

I love to journal but have failed over and over.  I kept a daily diary as a kid and even as an adult, but it was more about events rather than sharing my heart.  I can tell you how much it snowed during the Blizzard of ’78 but I can not tell you what God taught me during that time while we were stuck at home for days.

I was intrigued when I read a post by Erin Mohring, “Kids and Journaling: A New Habit for the New Year”.  She states:

…journaling is not about rules and deadlines, but about discovery and learning and remembering.

Let the kids choose their own notebook or journal to write/draw in on a daily basis.    It can be private unless they choose to share it.

Erin suggests two guidelines for success:

1. These notebooks were for God-stuff only. They could be used at any time, but not for games or school or anything else.

2. Write words, copy verses, draw pictures – just do whatever you want to help you remember what God taught or told you that day!

Keeping reading her post here and

…start the creative and worshipful habit of journaling during quiet time each day!



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