Best Apps for Parents, Kids and KidZone Team

I love my smart phone. Besides calling and texting, I can keep my calendar; make notes; get maps, weather, definitions; store locations, hours, and prices; listen to music; etc.  But did you know that there are apps to help you and your family grow in Christ?

If you have a smart phone, you know the benefits of apps.  Whether you are a parent, single, or a KidZone volunteer, there are apps for every occasion.  I have created a list of my favorites:

My favorite Bible app is made by  The Bible App provides the Bible in multiple translations for reading or even listening – for free! The Bible App offers many ways to study the Bible with reading plans, highlighting, note-taking, etc.

The Bible App for Kids is also made by  The Bible App for Kids has interactive adventures and animation of big stories of the Bible – also for free!

I really like the Roman Road from Cross Forward Consulting when I need scripture to walk someone through the basics of salvation.  Another app that is great for that is Gospel Message by Awana.  Plus, they are free.

The Mobile Daily Journal by ChuChu Train Products is a great tool for keeping a journal of prayer requests.

Another great prayer app is Dad’s Prayers – a Christian Prayer App by Digital Worship, LLC

Lead Small by The ReThinkGroup is a great tool for KidZone Team Members and Life Group leaders who are investing in a small group to make a big impact. This app also features the Lil KZ and Big KZ lesson for the week, as well as a devotional, a way to track your small group, stopwatches and spinners, etc.

Another great app for parents and KidZone leaders is Children’s Bible Games by Barcelona Multimedia for ages 9-11

Also search for 4Soils Corporation. They have several interactive Bible story apps for kids 4 and up.

And of course The Kindle Reader App by Amazon is a must-have tool and it’s free for downloading books, Bibles, and devotionals to access at your fingertips and everywhere you go!


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