Can Kids Understand Deep Spiritual Truths?

You bet they can!  We cannot under-estimate the higher level thinking of kids.  Kids are like sponges and if we present the Gospel and Bible truths with enthusiasm and passion, they will get it.

When I am teaching kids, I try to present every fact and detail.  The problem is, it may leave little or nothing for their brains or imaginations to process or even question.

A blog post by Lance Mckinnon titled, “The Secret to Teaching Kids Deep Things” says that we “sell our kids short by limiting their understanding of spiritual things.”

I love the simplicity of McKinnon’s approach:

Here is the secret for teaching kids the deep things of the Gospel.
It’s what I call the sandwich principal. It works like this.
1) Be funny
2) Preach the Gospel
3) Be funny
Yep it’s that simple!

Here’s why:
When people laugh they engage emotionally.
When they engage emotionally they open up their hearts.
When their hearts are open you have a perfect opportunity to plant the words of Christ.

Add fun and passion to the deep spiritual truths and watch the kids grow!


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