Every Lesson Points to Jesus

How can we teach children about God, and fail to “Show Them Jesus”?  Jesus is God the Son.   Jesus is the New Commandment – Love God, Love People.  Jesus is the only way to heaven.  I been inspired to share the book “Show Them Jesus” by Jack Klumpenhower.

So, how do you take an Old Testament Bible lesson and still teach Jesus?  At our KidZone Children’s Ministry training event last Sunday, the BigKZ leaders discussed some ways to do this. With a little creativity, we came up with a couple ideas:

  • Jonah – three days in the belly of a whale.  Jesus – three days in the tomb.
  • Hannah – gave her son, Samuel, to the Lord.  God gave His one and only Son, Jesus.
  • Moses – He saved the Israelites from Pharoah.  Jesus saved us from our sin.
  • Abraham – sacrifice Isaac when God provided a lamb.  Jesus is the the Lamb of God and the ultimate sacrifice.

The Old Testament was written with the promise of a Savior, Jesus Christ. Even as early as Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and hers;” the Bible refers to sin and the seed as offspring leading to Christ.  God had a rescue plan in place for us from the beginning, through the Promised One – Jesus Christ. Because of sin, we all need a Savior.  There is no greater story than that of Jesus Christ!


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